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Frequently Asked Questions 

Sales ?  - We take cash, Venmo, and Paypal, local checks or money orders.   


Pick-up locations? - Raw Milk, Eggs, and Soap - is farm location pick up - Contact us and we'll set up a time frame. 

Monday-Saturday and Sunday by request - after 10 AM.  

Can you deliver?  - Yes!   Locally to Lead Hill and Diamond City M - Thursday

Outside this area, a minimum of $50 order is required for free delivery.  We prefer delivery! 

Other Sales Locations will be mentioned in Farm Newsletter and on social media, such as Farmer's Markets and Events. 

How long have you been a farmer?  - Not as long as you might think! We tended to our first batch of chickens in December of 2012 - and have been going ever since.  2020 wrapped up 5 years of milking goats. 

Farm Tours?  - At this time we are not open for Farm Tours - To Our customers who are actively seeking our products -

The benefit of buying off the farm is visiting our farm animals. 

Thank you for understanding, limiting our liability, and protecting the health of our herd! 

What is a working Farm ?     - Very similar to a retail store - Since we sell retail items, such as cuts of meat, milk, and eggs, soap. We have full-time staff, working facilities where we milk, manufacture, package, and ship.  Everything made and produced here is one of a kind, can't buy in any Big Box stores!   We are also very fluid in our hours of operation, due to the nature of working with animals and the outside elements. We greatly appreciate your respect and patience. We do our best to Serve our Customers from 10-5 - by pre-arranged appointment times.  Thank you! 

Sustainable practices?   A newer term to some - We care for the land, animals in humane ways - examples are we do not cut down trees - we have built around them!  We have engineered to sustain winds and storms by building to preserve nature and trees.  We also don't randomly brush hog areas - just to look nice...Our goats raise their kids - Most dairies pull kids are birth to raise on bottles..thus putting their does (Milking females) straight into production...this is quicker...more profitable....We are wholeheartedly against it.  Our management grows bigger, healthier kids for the long term!  

So it's less milk for our products for a few months. The results in longer milking seasons as well as bigger market kids.  ALONG with this - Our pricing must coincide with our choice to sustain - We do NOT price our products "like others in the area" We have calculated what it takes to feed, house, and care for the herd, buildings, (including utilities), and land.   Every dollar goes back to the herd.  One $6 bar of  Soap buys ONE square bale of Hay...if were lucky. 

What set's you apart from other farmers ?   We care!   Get to know us.  

Our Mission - We love every animal that lives here, we are 100% committed to their care and wellbeing in the most humane, caring ways possible. We are honored to be their host!

From start to finish each process is meticulously completed.

Whether it be milking practices, soaping, gathering eggs, finished pork.

This practice, develops healthy animals, better soil fertility, and nutrient-dense food.

Sincerely Jim and Sara White and the herd at JSW FARMS