Blue Paradise Dairy

We are members of two local market's for 2021

Harrison - Saturday's 7 am-Noon

Jasper Market Friday's 1 pm - 5 pm

Welcome to Blue Paradise Dairy

JSW Farms & Goat Dairy

Farm fresh pork, eggs, honey, and soap.

We are located in Northern Arkansas

An Ozark valley we call Paradise

So Glad you have found us!

Established 2012

What our customers are saying! 

I have been cursed with oily, acne-prone skin. Over the years I have tried many different soaps. Some natural, some not so natural since I started using blue paradise dairy soap my skin has never felt or looked better. Ryan - “ We use the oatmeal honey soap for our daughter who has very sensitive skin. Her dry patches and eczema is looking the best they ever have in winter. And it smells so good! My personal favorite is the silver rose. Sweet flower smell without being too heavy. “ Ryan and Erin Beyer

Simply the best for my dry skin, amazed by the healing that has happened so far! - Elizabeth

After 20 years I've put down my Oil of Olay body wash for Tumeric goat milk soap! Love it!! " Robbie

" I absolutely LOVE it!! I have it in my kitchen by the sink. I am notorious for washing my hands in the sink when I come inside. WOW, It is Amazing! Love the cornmeal and the fragrance!! "

" Your soaps are everything you would want in a soap. If they are looking for bubbly, your soaps are completely bubbly enough that you feel like your hands are clean!! " Thank You, Rene, from Alabama.

Love the soaps.

You make a great product!

Thanks so much. - Mandy

WOW!! That hand salve is some powerful stuff. So smooth and silky. It's the best I've tried so far..and I just used a touch! Frank

Thank you! Love the bee balm, goes on so nice! - Vickie

Love the personal story, were connected to the goat's, so obviously well-loved. - Nancy

Better than ZUM bars!!

Great moisturizing soap, more scents too! - Melanie

Thank You! My whole family loves your soap and there is a running list of what to order "next time" almost immediately after we open the current box! LOL - The Beyers

Rebecca - " I love love love your soap. It smells fantastic and it leaves your skin feeling as good as it smells. Thank you very much for producing this great product"

"Your Goat's milk is full body and the best thing it's not watery like cows' milk you buy at the store. This goat's milk brings back memories of my childhood when I was 10 years old, I wanted a goat. My dad told me I would have to save up money if I wanted one. There was a goat dairy farm next to our farm. We'd walk by every day going to the bus stop. Thank you for the wonderful Milk" . Leisha

Can't find eggs like this at Walmart! - AL

We'd be up a creek! LOL without this milk for our two boys! - Tonya

Love the coffee soap, using it as a facial soap to help wake me up in the morning! - Christy

Package came! Everything was wrapped so nice. The soaps smell wonderful and thank you so much for the generous sample. The bee balm smells amazing and the texture is great. I love it! The soap saver is adorable. Reminds me of something my grandmother used. Thanks for putting your heart into such precious products! - Melanie

thank you! It is so very smooth. I have oily skin. I usually have to wash my face twice with soap. My skin squeaks after just once!  - Laurie


Pork hock simmering on the back burner smells like "Paradise" in here - No pun intended.

The most amazing dinner - smoked pork hocks, sauekraut and red potatoes - top off with an ice-cold beer - Plus I have enough meat and broth to make a nice pot of split pea soup..soooo good!


Restaurant quality in taste and presentation! Thank you. Matt and Pam

Thank you so much!

Pork burgers are so good!

Jessica and family

I baked the pork chops with homemade panko type bread crumbs using some of my sourdough bread. Tim had it for dinner and he said it was melt in his mouth tender - Ava and Tim

Milk Tenderizer!