Milk & Pastured Pork

 January 2021

Who like's pork chops ?  How about thick sliced ham steaks ? 

                                              Bacon and eggs ? Yes please! 


Our mission continues -  with field raised, milk and oat fed hogs.

 Abundant sunlight, grass,  Our hogs are free to be natural rooters of the ground.   Lot's of fresh water, NO antibiotics, or hormones.  

Our pigs eat a varied diet of pasture, whey, Added exercise, and plenty of room, this creates superior pork. These farming practices produce meat that is more flavorful and more nutritionally dense than the conventionally raised products. Eating lots of plants, rather than grain alone, increases the omega 3 content of the fat, and lard from pigs that have been exposed to sunlight is high in vitamin D.

Our hogs are establishing an environment, that is naturally tilled and fertilized - ready for our next watermelon patch, maybe sunflowers too! 


                                      Please contact us with questions. 

Chevon (goat meat) is still an option, based on demand. Please ask me! 

Goat meat, also known as chevon, cabrito, capretto or kid depending on the age of the goat, is a lean tender red meat. Goat is low in fat with a serving containing 26 grams of protein with only 2.58 total grams of fat. Of that, only 0.79 grams are saturated fat. Goat contains several vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and niacin.

Our dairy wethers are raised on pasture and are not given hormones or antibiotics to speed their growth. 

 The goats are offered a small amount of grain daily as well as free choice hay!