Goat Sales - 

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Our Foundation herd of 12 does and 3 bucks - This group has been thoroughly tested  CAE/CL and are all G6S normal. 

2020 - We have added a PB, NZ Kiko buck - ALL BUCK STOCK IS WETHERED, 

We are a 100% herd of 6M Galaxy genetics and are crazy proud of this group. Multiple SG, TT, many generations of *AR STAR milkers

and even more ELITE status goats. Our foundation does are Windsong Farm Chocolate Eclair, Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Cherry. The last daughter's from 6M Galaxy Hope's Chocolate. Windsong Farm Winter Storm, Winter in Paris, Stormy's Ebony.

I have the only living daughters of Stormy. JSW FARMS Theresa, Penny, and Silver Nickle. As well as 3 sons, live here. Stormy is a descendant of 6M Galaxy Clyde. long gone... Windsong Farm Enya's Waffle, Windsong Farm Gracie, Windsong Farm PopTart's Legacy. Veteran's comet's Legacy, Windsong Farm Comet's Lucy, Windsong Farm Lady of Honor. Windsong Farm Hezekiah, Windsong Farm Blue Sterling. Veteran's Blue Lightning.