Blue Paradise Dairy

We are members of two local market's for 2021

Harrison - Saturday's 7 am-Noon

Jasper Market Friday's 1 pm - 5 pm

Welcome to Blue Paradise Dairy

JSW Farms & Goat Dairy

Farm fresh pork, eggs, honey, and soap.

We are located in Northern Arkansas

An Ozark valley we call Paradise

So Glad you have found us!

Established 2012

Pastured & Milk fed Pork

Who likes pork chops? How about thick-sliced ham steaks?

Bacon and eggs ? Yes please!

The Other Red Meat! 

Our mission continues - with field-raised, and milk-fed hogs.

Abundant sunlight, grass, Our hogs are free to be natural rooters of the ground. Lot's of freshwater, NO antibiotics, or hormones. Our pigs eat a varied diet of pasture, whey, Added exercise, and plenty of room, this creates superior pork. These farming practices produce meat that is more flavorful and more nutritionally dense than conventionally raised products. Eating lots of plants, rather than grain alone, increases the omega 3 content of the fat, and lard from pigs that have been exposed to sunlight is high in vitamin D.

Our hogs are establishing an environment that is naturally tilled and fertilized - ready for our next watermelon patch, maybe sunflowers too! 

Welcome to our Meat Market

Prices on USDA individual cuts - cuts sold by the LB average 1- 4 LB each


Some of the cured meats do contain very low-level nitrates - meat is not injected. Feel free to ask me more!

***** WE have Nitrate FREE, smoked and cured ****

Sausage -$9 Each Mild, and Spicy Hot

sold in packages 1LB + or -

Ground Pork - $9 Each 1LB + or -

Arkansas Bacon -$11/LB packages are all apx. 1#

Cured, smoked, very similar to bacon, pieces are perfect for sandwiches.

USDA calls this Country cured Boston Butt - This meaty cut comes from the shoulder.

Breakfast sausage links - $9 each 1LB + or -

apx. 12 links per pkg - 

Sold out till January 2022

Bacon Ends - $10/LB packages are all apx. 1#

Bacon $12/Lb pacakges are all apx. 1# SOLD out till January 2022

Brats - $9/LB - 4-5 per package, pacakges are all apx. 1# LIMTED

Regular pork brats and Italian

Pork jowls, chunked - $9/LB

cured, smoked. packages are all apx. 1#

Pork neck bones -$6/LB

Ribs are sold out till  January 2022

Tenderloins $16/LB limited quantity 1-2# pkg.

Liver $6/LB pacakges are all apx. 1#

Hams $9/LB - similar to ham steaks, overall much bigger, they are bone-in, large slice.

Ham Steaks $9/Lb packages are all apx. 1-2#

Hocks $9/LB


Thick and Thin chops $11/LB

Pork Shoulder Roast, bone-in. $9/LB

apx. dimensions 10 x3x4


Jalapeno & Cheddar Brats     

Thick-cut chops!

Mild and Medium sausage

1 LB ground pork - Our new hamburger!

Arkansas Bacon - sliced 

Center cut thick chops, bone in. 2 inches thick. A great roast or for the grill. 

HAPPY GRILLING FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE!!     Planted turnips and carrots for 2021 hogs!


   Serve your family the best meals from Farm to Table

Breakfast from the Farm

2# Bacon

1# sausage - your choice of mild, medium or spicy

4 DZ Farm eggs

1 # sausage links


Grillers D​elight

2 - packages brats, your choice of original or Italian. 4-5 in each package.

1 - 1-2# Tenderloin

6# thick or thin chops

apx. 12 chops

2 packages of short ribs


Family Dinner Series

1 - 3-4# shoulder roast

1 - 3-4# think sliced bone-in ham

2 - min, 2# Center cut think bone-in chops

2 # liver

1 - min 2# ham hock

3 DZ Farm Eggs

1 - min 2# pork jowles.

1 # bacon or bacon ends

3 # Ground pork or sausage