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Blue Paradise Dairy

PHONE - TEXT- CALL 870-676-9469 -  EMAIL - [email protected]

Market locations :

Fall & Winter Farm pick up!  Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 10 - 4 pm

  Welcome to Blue

  Paradise Dairy

Farm-to-Table Meats and Dairy

Farm fresh pork, Goat's milk soap. 

We are located in Northern Arkansas

An Ozark valley we call Paradise.

So Glad you have found us!

Established 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

Spring 2022 - We sold way down on our chicken numbers....once keeping a flock of 100 plus is now 30 or so. 

We will continue to offer free-range large brown eggs! 

Supply is limited, will be year around!   Packed with protein and sunshine!  $4 dz.