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Crock Pot Cooking 101 12/18/21

Posted on December 18, 2021 at 11:00 AM




In the simplest form.....Take the basics.........Meat, Vegetables,




You don't need a recipe........You need quality meats, and vegtables.




BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN - ANY type of Cut - bone in, meat labeled "steak" Roast, Chops, Thighs, Whole birds, Hams, Hocks, Tenderloins, Brisket, even T-Bone steaks. (Recipe for Ground meat in the next post below)




Defrost slowly, place in a large crockpot.






Large slices of white, red, any potatoes.


Large slices of carrots, parsnips, any root vegetables, onions.


Fresh herbs, generous amount of parsley, oregano, garlic, mustards green, cabbage, turnip leaves. spinach. ADD lemons to chicken, rosemary, thyme.


Fill crock half way with warm water.


Turn on low for at least 6 hours




You will be amazed on just how good this really turns out!!!


The meat will just fall apart, you potatoes perfect, vegetables full of flavor.


Use the broth in the crock as a gravy.


Toasted rolls, bread, all an option.




Simply, wholesome, Whole-Foods eating!


Pictured is a lean pork roast, with added butter!



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