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Posted on 22 July, 2020 at 10:05

We have been asked about honey, as mentioned in the last newsletter, there was some info. But we have realized as well as other folks in our area, that all the extra spring rain has taken it's toll on the bees. Our hives are strong and continue to grow, as very normal. But we do have less honey and are not sure on a harvest date. It's really important to understand that we don't push for honey production....There is such a thing..We are treatment free beekeepers, we dont' use any insecticides in the hives

(And yes that is a common practice) to combat mites, and other pests that hives are susceptible to. We also dont' artificially feed the bees. Another common practice of providing sugar syrup to the hives. We only do this, under drought conditions.


Our beekeeping practice are to grow strong hives, meaning to keep a Queen Bee that is very active in growing her hive in numbers, We monitor this close and provide extra boxes and frames for growth. In some ways more work and in some ways less.


I hope I helped in my explanation of a few bee keeping ways. No two ways are better from the other, Just different schools of thought.

From our Farm Newsletter 7/17/2020

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